i know you don't take requests for manips, but do you know any other good manip makers?

no, sorry :( you should check the manip/manips tag here on tumblr though! there are some really good manip makers there :)


6/19/14 - Ashley Greene leaving her hotel in NYC.


When i was looking forward for the frist candids of Run The Tide…and this is only the beginning

goddd why is this blog abandoned? :( i miss it

aw i’m so sorry the thing is that it’s just me right now and it’s a little hard keeping this blog updated too, i’ll do my best! :)

judith x


3/7/14 - Ashley Greene filming “The Shangri-La Suite” in Los Angeles.

Hello! Could you make a few manips of Ashley Greene and Brant Daugherty? I want one of them kissing or hugging if it is not too much to ask. I would be very grateful. Thank you. Lots of love. ♥

Hello! We are not taking requests at the moment. As soon as we get some free time, we’ll post something about opening requests for manips :) Thank you for your message!

happy 27th birthday, ashley [february 21, 1987]